Comfort Wear Disposable Liners (size: 4x10) - case of 250

Comfort Wear Disposable Liners (size: 4x10) - case of 250
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Product Description

Comfort Wear Premium Super Absorbent Liners provide maximum incontinence protection as well as supreme comfort. The specially designed extra-soft top layer assists in wicking moisture into its Super Absorbent Polymer core, which means you feel dry and comfortable all day.

Comfort Wear liners features a spunbond nonwoven topsheet, diamond-embossed pattern and polypropylene backsheet. Fluff core provides moderate to heavy incontinent protection.


* Super Absorbent for maximum fluid capacity

* Leak-proof barrier with side walls for maximum leakage protection

* Extra-soft cloth-like top layer for added comfort

* Super Absorbent Polymer gels when moist ensuring ultimate skin dryness and odor control

* Built-in adhesive tape to secure pad in underwear

* Can be worn in your own regular underwear or with incontinence underwear for maximum comfort

* Size: 4" x 10"

Case of 250 Super Absorbent Liners (10 packs of 25)