Custom Molded Orthotics - Sale is On!

Custom Molded Orthotics - Sale is On!
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Product Description


Our TRUE Custom Molded Orthotics crafted by hand in USA are created to fit your feet and your feet only - specifically and individually!

Store brand Off the Shelf orthotics or cheaper imitation orthotics usually described by savvy marketers as Custom Fit orthotics are typically designed to fit everyone's foot just about the same.

Your feet are like your fingerprints, no one else in the world has exactly identical feet to yours, therefore, don't settle for typical or general when it comes to your feet!

Orthotics are foot stabilizers and cushions for your feet. They will provide a smoother so called ride while walking. Long term use may help improve flat feet by building up your arches. So, if you have flat feet or are suffering from continued foot, back, knee or various spinal issues, consider Custom Molded Orthotics.

Custom Molded Orthotics can relieve many different types of foot pain including heel pain, plantar fasciitis, flat feet or high arch, pain caused by running, walking, and other athletics, pain related to diabetes, bunions, trauma, sprains and other disorders as well as knee and lower back pain and discomfort.

Having Custom Orthotics made has never been more simple or more affordable! After placing an online order we will send you a special foam box with instructions on how to properly cast your foot impression. Once done, just mail the box back to us and we will create a perfect pair of custom orthotics at the fraction of the price. Our orthothics are hand made by one of the best and most recognized labaratories in USA.

Custom orthotics are made just for your feet. In order to create a perfect pair of custom orthotics our specialists may need to contact you if more specific information is needed. If you have a prescription with specific instructions we will be happy to accommodate any necessary adjustments based on doctor's orders. You may fax your prescription to us at 718-484-1516. Please include a call back number so that one of our orthotic specialists may contact you if necessary.

All our Custom Molded Orthothics are hand made in USA.