Prevail Adjustable Pull Up Underwear

Prevail Adjustable Pull Up Underwear
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Product Description

Prevail Adjustable Underwear features the same performance as the Prevail Super Plus Underwear but also offers easy-to-grip, stretchable, reattaching tabs and easily opened side seams. Ideal for on-the-go or bed use, the Prevail Adjustable Underwear allows the wearer to either pull the underwear up and down like regular underwear or open the side seams, place the underwear through the legs (without removing any clothes/shoes), and reattach the sides with the stretchable table to pull up and down.

Prevail Adjustable Underwear provides ease of application away from home when it is not convenient to remove clothes or shoes.

Available Sizes and Quantities:

Medium (Bag of 18) - Waist/Hip Size: 28-46 inches

Large(Bag of 16) - Waist/Hip Size: 44-58 inches