Premium Cotton Incontinence Panties - 3 pairs

Premium Cotton Incontinence Panties - 3 pairs
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Product Description

Our Premium Cotton Panties is a specially designed dignified, discreet solution for those with bladder control difficulties. The body of the panty is manufactured from 100% super-soft cotton, ensuring the wearer's utmost comfort. The protection is provided in the form of a unique, custom-created leak-proof pocket which lines the inside of the panty positioned specifically for women, thereby reducing any risk of leakage. Liner maxi pad may be inserted into the pocket via the opening provided, and can be removed just as easily after use.


* Reusable, washable premium cotton panties

* Super-soft 100% cotton body fabric

* Stretchy elastic waistband

* Leak-proof pocket for added protection

* Elegant, fashionable feminine design

* Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, & XXL

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash in cold water. Do not iron. Hang to dry.