Tens Unit - Pain Relief Solution

Tens Unit - Pain Relief Solution
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Product Description

A TENS Unit is a pocket size, portable, battery-operated device that sends electrical impulses to parts of the body to block pain signals. The electrical currents produced are mild, but can prevent pain messages from being transmitted to the brain and may raise the level of endorphins (natural pain killers produced by the brain).

The TENS can operate under three different modes. In Burst mode, the TENS unit produces a series of seven quick pulses followed by a rest. The cycle repeats itself twice every second. In Modulation mode, the TENS unit automatically varies the amplitude of the pulse every four seconds. This is a dual channel unit, which allows you to use up to four electrodes at a time (two electrodes per channel). The TENS unit is portable and may be clipped to a belt, shirt pocket, bra or other clothing.

All of our TENS are shipped complete with: Instruction Manual, Lead wires, Four Reusable Electrodes, Battery and Carrying Case.

Channels Dual, isolated between channels

Pulse Amplitude 0 to 80 Ma each channel

Pulse Frequency 2 to 150Hz, adjustable

Pulse Width 60 to 250 microseconds, adjustable

Burst Mode 7 pulses/burst,2 bursts/second

Timer 30 min,60 min or constant time

Power Source 9V alkaline battery

Battery Life 70 hours average usage

Size 24 x 64 x 95mm, approx.5 ounces

All values have 10% +/- tolerance